Friday, April 1, 2011

A Fresh Start

Welcome to my new blog!

 I felt I was needing a fresh start on things, hence the completely new blog, and making it be by invitation. I am not certain of where things will be going on here, it will probably be similar to what I had before, but there may be some twists.

My deisre is to honour the Lord in everything I do and say here, and I pray that I may be able to bless those who read or perhaps simply provide a different perspective.

I have been seeking to move on in some things in my life, mainly after having the changes take place in our church situation, as well as the health circumstances I have been going through. With the longing for spring has come a longing for change in my life. So I have been seeking to bring it about in what small ways I can, and this is now one of them.

In the love and grace of our Lord ~ Laurel

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